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Tools for Schools

We offer a range of out of the box and tailored solutions for use within the educational sector.

All our CommunitEasy solutions and services are hinged on three core principals:
Increase Connectivity
Improve Communication
Encourage Creativity
We have two core products aimed at the education market.

Communiteasy Hub

A CommunitEasy ‘Educational’ Hub is a online platform that contains every conceivable tool that a Community needs to manage itself and its members. A hub enables a multitude of formats to be self-published, ranging from websites and micro-sites, to mobile apps, emails, newsletters and magazines. Content can be easily published, archived, seamlessly converted and repurposed elsewhere within the community.
The massive selli.ng point of a hub is that you can start with jusyt one elememgt of funmctuonalty like a school chat room and then as demand or trends or cometitors demna dit you cabn add more features. Each feature is all school branded  and can appear as a satndalone tool or be emmbeded into exisiting school collotaeral wetehr it be websites, apps, emails, newletters, videos or even physically printed in hopuse or as pages within another publication.
Blogs, Feeds, Chatrooms, Maps, Forums, Questions, Adverts, Classifieds, Calendars, Events, Presentations, Highlights, Graphs are available as modules and their functionality can be simply activated at will with no prior technical knowledge.
Existing content and third-party services work alongside and seamlessly too so nothing thats in use today needs to be left behind. We can also aggregate your existing social media and import any legacy news and content form platforms like WordPress. Put simply we take care of the seemless trabsition and support you every step of the way after.
Your staff, pupils and parents all immediately have access to what they need, all in one school-branded place. The school is perceived better, parents are more connected and staff find it easier and less time consuming to communicate.

Secret Garden

Increasing Connectivity and Improving Communication are at the heart of a ComminitEasy Educational Hub with Creativity playiong secpnd fiddle. This is intentional as our founders brainchild is interbal school-centric social media platform available on mobile and desktop and as a printed documant..
We also would like to demonstrate a new app we have craeted that aims to allow children to learn a nd act responsibly in a 100% safe, fun, closed social media enviroemnt that benefits both the school, its p[upils and parents too.


Environments underpinned with a security and data Security, data integrity and trust are three other guiding principals.
a and dataAll our products empower staff, parents and pupils in an accessible, private and safe environment that:
Most of the Communiteasy stack lends itself brilliant to this sector and thus we can create highly customised toolsets that improve any environment. Our communiteasy consultants will discuss what challenges you face and also enlighten you to better ways of working via the improved work flows our tools offer. We can then cherry pick from a palette of available options and set up everything in a matter of days.
We believe in trials creation traction and thus we sometimes don’t even charge for our services – we are simply fine tuning them.


A massive USP is that there is only one place to manage all the content, options etc, you can actually massively reduce the current time spent managing emails, websites, newsletters etc. The platform is inherently scalable so it grows as your needs grow or as demand or trends dictate it.

Specific Uses for Communiteasy

These examples are just an illustration of what a Communiteasy Hub enables a school to achieve all intuitively and efficiently, all managed centrally in one place. There is no minimum usage of a Communiteasy Hub so you can select only whats required and try out some new features as and when you are ready.